Before starting a driving course

Who is issued a driving licence
Read about the conditions that need to be met to obtain a driver's license in Estonia. Age, health certificate, absence of penalties, and more.
Health certificate
You can start your studies at a driving school after obtaining a health certificate. Read about where and how to undergo a health check.
Choosing a driving school
The prices advertised by driving schools do not always reflect all the training costs. Read about where to find prices, student reviews, and exam pass statistics.

Categories of motor vehicles

Speed up to 45 km/h.

A1, A2 subcategories.

Up to 9 seats.

With a heavy trailer.

For transporting goods.

With a heavy trailer.

Passenger transport.

DE, tractors, etc.

What is a driving course at a driving school like?

What is a driving course?
What does the training at a driving school involve? How to complete the theory course online? Why do driving schools have different examination rules?
Duration of training
Some people need more time to learn, while others need less. What determines the amount of training required at a driving school?
During your training at a driving school, you can practice driving not only with an instructor but also with a supervisor (juhendaja). Read about what you need to do for this.
Initial training
What should you consider if you are going to a driving school for the first time to obtain your first driver's license? Primary licenses, "winter driving," and more.
Further training
Do you already have a driver's license and are going to learn to obtain the next category? Read about what determines the amount of training required.
Final stage training
During two years after receiving the provisional driving licence you must complete the final stage training.
Continued training
If you failed the driving exam three times and were sent back to driving school, read about what you need to do.
Retraining (järelkoolitus) is required for drivers whose primary driver's license has been suspended for traffic violations.

Tests at the Transport Administration

Exam registration
How to register for exams? E-services and the Transport Department's bureau, state fee, languages in which exams can be taken, and more.
Theory exam
How many questions are there, and how many mistakes are allowed? How to register, and what questions will be asked in the exam?
Driving exam
On what type of vehicle can the exam be taken? What exercises need to be performed during the exam? How is the exam evaluated?

Types of driving licences

Valid for 2 years, driving with "learner plates." What happens if you receive a fine from the police?
Driver's license
Valid for 10 years if you have a valid health certificate and your driving rights are not suspended.
Valid until reaching the age of 18. You can only drive in the presence of a more experienced driver.
Code 95
Professional driver's license. Issued after completing professional training courses (ametikoolitus). Carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR).
Additional courses
Emergency vehicle course, traffic regulator course, forklift operator course.

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