Driving licence

A provisional driving licence is replaced with a regular driving licence. It will be valid for ten years, meaning that you must replace your licence every 10 years.

If you have the right to drive and go back to a driving school to obtain another category, then you will no longer be issued a provisional driving licence. After finishing the course and taking the tests, a new category is simply added to your licence.

It is important to keep in mind that a driving licence does not automatically grant the right to drive a vehicle. For example, you could already have a physical driving licence but no valid medical certificate, in which case you are not allowed to operate a vehicle. The same applies when your right to drive has been suspended or withdrawn due to a violation of traffic rules.

We should add that a driving licence grants you a right to drive all vehicles, the categories of which are added to your driving licence. The opposite also applies – if your right to drive is suspended or withdrawn, then it applies to all categories on your driving licence.

For example, your licence gives you the right to drive category A and B vehicles, which means you can drive a motorcycle, a passenger car, and a moped. If you speed on a motorcycle and the police withdraws your right to drive as a penalty, then you cannot drive a motorcycle, a car, or even a moped.