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Register students at the Transport Administration
Provide access to study materials
Monitor student progress
Control the workload of your teachers
Issue electronic driving cards
Give theory exams
Issue driving school completion certificates
Send info about graduates to the Transport Administration
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Driving school management

The driving school has a complete overview of each student at every stage. You can monitor their progress, control the learning process, issue driving cards and certificates. You see the workload of each teacher. Registries are automatically created for all electronic documents.

Booking driving lessons

Students can conveniently book a driving lesson, and teachers can manage their work schedule. In addition, the teacher can personally assign a driving lesson to a specific student. Notifications for booking and cancellation are automatically sent to both the teacher and the student.

Planning the educational process

Teachers see the progress of each student and can better plan the academic work. Each student's profile reflects their progress in theoretical and practical learning. To achieve the best results in theoretical and practical training, you can always find an individual approach to each student.


Free electronic documents

All electronic documents for the driving school are freely available to our partner driving schools. The system automatically updates study logs, maintains registries of issued driving cards and certificates.

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More Features

Driving card in your phone

You won't forget the driving card at home because it's in your phone!

Easy to use

Teacher has a complete overview of the students, as well as their learning progress


Lesson confirmation

Students can confirm the lesson conveniently with their mobile device


Mark mistakes

Point out the mistakes so that the student and the school can monitor the learning progress

For Students

The best solution for your students

Liikluslab simplifies work not only for driving schools but also for the students


Tracking the progress

You have an overview of each student's status and can approve them for the theory exam


Complete theory courses

Students learn quickly and conveniently, and driving school's state exam stats improve



All driving school educational documents are digital and available on any device


Theory Test Training

Artificial Intelligence shows the likelihood of the student passing the theory exam


All in all - the best solution for both the driving school and its students!

Liikluslab works on any device - smartphone, tablet and computer

Smart traffic tests

From the authors of the state theory test questions. Learn what is actually asked on the exam! Read explanations instead of mindlessly memorising the answers.

Theory in Simple Terms

Learn using best online courses, where even complex topics are explained in simple and understandable terms. The best student feedback and the best exam results!

Virtual driving exams

Go through real driving exam routes in Tallinn and follow the instructions given to you on the real exam.

Parking Tutorial

The most popular educational film in a version adapted to Estonia. Learn all the parking methods and exam exercises.

Driving lesson calendar

Conveniently register for driving lessons and plan your time - you don't have to call the teacher every time. See the teacher's feedback and monitor your learning progress.

Paperless school

Don't worry about document management - we generate all the documents and transfer data to the Transport Administration automatically.

Liikluslab works on every device!

Liikluslab learning environment and the driving school administration platform are convenient to use on a smartphone, tablet and computer.

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Administer your driving school for free and earn by reselling study materials

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Free for partners

  • E-document management
    Go paperless


  • E-driving cards
    A modern way to organize driving lessons


  • Student management
    Integrated CRM


  • Curriculum development
    Complies with all legal requirements


* For existing partners, for new partners the price is negotiable

Reselling online courses

  • Full Package Plus
    Study materials for independent work
  • Online driving school courses
    Completing the theory course online
  • Virtual driving exams
    Preparing for the driving test
  • Teacher training course
    In cooperation with universities



Next teacher training course

Liikluslab organizes advanced training courses for driving teachers in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). The next course will take place in February, 2024. The course costs 304.17 euro + VAT = 371 euro. Payment must be made before the start of the course. Expenses are included in the income tax return. It is also possible to issue an invoice to the company. To participate, please register until 09.02.2024 here.