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Learn exactly what will be part of the test!
  • Category B tests
  • Read explanations instead of memorising the answers
  • Answer questions by topic

‘Theory Test Training’ is the best way to prepare for the state test

Mock exam

Liikluslab’s mock exam helps you assess your readiness for the state exam at the Estonian Transport Administration. The questions are created by the same authors and the rules of the exam are the same. Moreover – artificial intelligence shows you the probability of you passing the state test!

NB! Such a mock exam is available only in Liikluslab.

Smart algorithms

Liikluslab uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to assess your knowledge personally. We can pick out the exact questions that might slip you up. This allows you to focus on topics that are difficult personally for you.

Be smart in your studies, see your performance and decide when to take the state test.

Save time and money

‘Theory Test Training’ was developed by the same authors that created the state driving theory test questions. This illustrates the level of Liikluslab specialists and that of our driving theory tests. And it provides you with the peace of mind that you will pass the test on the first try!

Imagine how much time, energy, and nerves ‘Theory Test Training’ will save you!

Are you ready for the state theory exam?
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See why Liikluslab’s ‘Theory Test Training’ is so popular

Liikluslab’s ‘Theory Test Training’ provides you with useful and unique opportunities that will make your life easier. It will help you be confident in taking the test and help you pass it on the first try.

Explanations in simple terms

We have added an explanation in simple terms to each question, accompanied by figures and real-life examples. If you made a mistake, read the explanation and you will be able to get the question right next time. Do you know what that means? You will not have to cram the answers in your head!

You can answer the questions by topic

The questions on road safety will hold more weight in the driving theory test – if you make more than one mistake in these questions, you will immediately fail the test. Liikluslab lets you solve these questions separately, so you can feel more confident when taking the test.

The same applies for all other topics. For example, if you passed the topic ‘Prohibition signs’, you can only answer questions related to prohibition signs. This way, you will better memorise the knowledge and preparing for the test will take less time.

You are probably surprised that this opportunity is only offered by Liikluslab’s ‘Theory Test Training’.

The learning platform shows your preparedness for the state theory test at the Estonian Transport Administration

Liikluslab employs experienced and talented IT specialists, who provided our learning platform with algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Today, these algorithms are so powerful that they can not only provide you with the test questions that can slip you up, but also show you the probability of you passing the driving theory test of the Estonian Transport Administration.

We do not know anyone who likes failing tests. Especially knowing that repeating the test costs 40 euros. With Liikluslab, however, you get the chance to objectively assess your readiness and decide when to take the exam.

More on artificial intelligence

Throughout the years, we have collected and analysed an abundance of data which we used to ‘train’ Liikluslab’s smart algorithms – the number of test questions answered (over 160 million) and the overall number of driving school and mock exams taken in Liikluslab (over 1.4 million), Liikluslab users who took the Estonian Transport Administration’s tests (over 65 thousand). Liikluslab’s algorithms assess your answer to each question. In this way, they will determine your strengths and weaknesses. Today, these algorithms are accurate enough to not only give you the questions that might slip you up, but also predict your probability of passing the driving theory test.

For your information – today, the ARK driving theory test is actually the Transport Administration’s driving theory test. A bit of history: from 1998 to 2009, tests were administered by ARK, and by the Estonian Road Administration from 2009 to 2020. As of 2021, the driving licence tests are administered by the Transport Administration. Thus the ARK has not existed for more than 12 years, so the so-called ARK driving theory test is now irrelevant.

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Meelis Keiv
Meelis Keiv
May 2023
I used Liiklusab when studying for category A. The studies were very positive. All questions have simple explanations in human language. There is no question as to why this or that rule is written in such a way. Mistakes came only when I didn't read the question to the end. I recommend 👍
Vjatšeslav Slavin
Vjatšeslav Slavin
November 2022
I highly recommend, if you pass all the tests in a way that all the answers are correct, you can easily pass the state exam. I practised it myself, and I can say that it is the best choice for the state exam. (translated from estonian)
Piia Razduvalov
Piia Razduvalov
November 2022
Really good thing 👍 can explain everything clearly even to a fool 😂 (translated from estonian)