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  • Excellent preparation for theory and driving tests
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  • Smart learning algorithm and other features of Liikluslab

‘Online driving school’ is the most reliable and convenient way to take a theory course in a driving school

Convenient to use
Convenient to use

The Liikluslab learning environment is great for using on a smartphone. And if you need a larger screen, you can study just as conveniently on a tablet, computer, or even on a smart TV. Study at the right time for you, from anywhere - at home, at work or on the bus! All you need is the Internet connection.

Education is interactive, that is, you are not left to yourself. If necessary, you can use additional explanations or ask a question of the teacher.

In simple terms
In simple terms

The course explains traffic rules in simple terms. Just imagine – we rewrote the law in terms that make sense to regular people and added illustrations and explanations!

Specially filmed video clips show difficult traffic situations through the eyes of the driver. Animations explain how the various systems of the car (such as the clutch) work.

To the exam with confidence
To the exam with confidence

Liikluslab’s online theory courses also include ‘Theory Test Training’, and the test questions are essentially revision questions. This greatly simplifies the study, because you will essentially know the answers to the questions when solving traffic tests.

Statistics show that Liikluslab’s Online Driving School graduates pass exams better than those who studied in the classroom.

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How it works?

You can take the driving school theory course either in person or online. In the first case, the theory course lasts many months and lectures are usually held on the evenings of working days. With the online option, however, you will take the course independently and at a convenient time.

Liikluslab’s ‘Online driving school’ includes all the necessary educational material in full. The topics are covered in order, starting from the simplest ones, and ending with the complex ones.

Each topic has been divided into smaller parts, making learning easier. Each topic ends with ‘Theory Test Training’ questions, helping to better memorise the knowledge you obtained and preparing you for the driving theory test. A quiz must be taken at the end of each topic. So, you will start preparing for the driving theory test as soon as you begin the course.

The online course materials are presented in various formats – text and figures, video and animation. You will have access to all the opportunities provided by Liikluslab, you can, for example, solve traffic tests ‘smartly’ and take practice theory exams.

After passing the online course, you will have all the necessary knowledge to successfully take tests both in your driving school and at the Estonian Transport Administration.

Best authors

We cooperate with the best specialists in Estonia who help us to create excellent educational materials and review them.

The main author of Liikluslab, Juri Ess, is the only theory and driving teacher in Estonia who has three higher educations and a doctoral degree. He is a member of the board of the Estonian Driving School Association, he teaches driving instructors at three universities and, of course, writes study materials for Liikluslab. In addition, Juri is a member of the Board for the Road Safety Curriculum at Tallinn University Haapsalu College. He also represents TalTech in the working groups of the Estonian Transport Administration and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Licence to host online courses

Liikluslab has a licence issued by the Ministry of Education and Research to conduct driver education. Liikluslab’s ‘Online driving school’ is registered with the Estonian Transport Administration. This, combined with the experience of our authors, confirms and guarantees that you are using the best and correct study materials and will receive excellent training.

More about the licence to host online courses

Choosing a driving school

Are you choosing a driving school? The ability to study theory online is one of the most important criteria. If you want to be sure of the result, take a theory course in the ‘Online Driving School’ from Liikluslab. Find the list of our partnering driving schools here.

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Konstantin Neverov
Konstantin Neverov
January 2024
The training programme is very coherent and comprehensive. As the course progresses, the topics complement each other and combine to create a complete picture. The test questions are quite simply worded and comfortable to answer. The format of questions is similar to the questions in the Transport Administration. It was pleasant and interesting to study. Passed the test on the first try! (translated from russian)
Meelis Keiv
Meelis Keiv
May 2023
I used Liiklusab when studying for category A. The studies were very positive. All questions have simple explanations in human language. There is no question as to why this or that rule is written in such a way. Mistakes came only when I didn't read the question to the end. I recommend 👍
Vjatšeslav Slavin
Vjatšeslav Slavin
November 2022
I highly recommend, if you pass all the tests in a way that all the answers are correct, you can easily pass the state exam. I practised it myself, and I can say that it is the best choice for the state exam. (translated from estonian)