Theory in Simple Terms

All the necessary information in single place
  • Studying theory has never been so easy
  • All a driver needs to know in one place and in simple terms!
  • Liikluslab’s online theory courses include ‘Theory Test Training’

Studying driving theory has never been so easy – all that is necessary for the driver is in one place and comprehensible language!

Studying is easy and fun
Studying is easy and fun

Until 2019, learning the traffic theory was painfully boring and difficult. This is because the driver must know several legal acts that are written in dry legal language and are difficult to understand. But those days are over!

Just imagine – we rewrote the law in terms that make sense to regular people and added illustrations and explanations. We added real-life situations, videos and animations.

All the info in single place
All the info in single place

Regardless of the category, knowledge of legal texts and topics related to so-called general traffic will be essential to passing the driving theory exam. Therefore, this educational material is useful for passing the driving theory exam in any category (AM, A, A1, A2, B, BE, C, CE, D, T).

We always keep our courses up to date with changes in legislation. You can be sure that you are studying using relevant and correct study materials.

To the exam with confidence
To the exam with confidence

Liikluslab’s online theory courses also include ‘Theory Test Training’, and the test questions are essentially revision questions. This greatly simplifies the study. For example, you can read the rules related to self-driving robots (this will only take two minutes), and then answer the test questions. The advantage here is that you will essentially know the answers to the questions when solving traffic tests.

Just think of how much time you will save on studying. And when you get your driving licence, you will feel confident on the road!

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The all-new and highly efficient way to prepare for the driving theory test

Driving theory courses by Liikluslab

We know that studying driving theory and preparing for the tests might be time-consuming, so we have tried our best to make this task easier. Just imagine – we rewrote the law in terms that make sense to regular people and added illustrations and explanations!

If you wish to study for the driving theory test or improve your knowledge, Liikluslab offers two online courses:

  • Traffic Rules in Simple Terms explains the Road Traffic Act, traffic lights, traffic signs, and road markings
  • Theory in Simple Terms also explains road safety, road insurance, road psychology, car construction, and technical condition of the car

If you wish to take the driving school theory course online, we recommend our Online driving school .

Law in simple terms

In Estonia, specific requirements have been established for the driver’s knowledge, which will be tested on in the theory and driving exams. Most of them concern the knowledge of legal acts and the knowledge necessary for a driver is spread over ten different legal acts.

  • Can I continue driving if there is a crack in the car’s windshield?
  • How often do I need to check the condition of the fire extinguisher included in the car’s equipment?
  • Until what date am I allowed to use studded tyres?
  • Must there be a first-aid kit in the car?

Answers to all of these questions have been given in various regulations. Unless you have a law degree or enough free time, looking up this information may be difficult. You may get wrong or misleading information in forums and Facebook groups.

Liikluslab’s online theory courses are unique due to the fact that the legal acts the driver must know are presented in one place, they are made systematic and rewritten in simple terms. The content of the courses is always up-to-date and complies with current legislation. This level of study material is one-of-a-kind not only in Estonia, but in most European countries.


In 2019, Liikluslab published ‘Traffic Rules in Simple Terms’, which quickly gained popularity. They cover topics related to legislation.

At the request of many students and driving schools, we added other topics necessary for the driver to the course – road safety and road psychology, car construction and technical condition of the car. The new online course was published in 2021 and is entitled ‘Theory in Simple Terms’.

At the same time, Liikluslab also launched an online driving school, which allows you to go through the driving school theory lectures online.

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Konstantin Neverov
Konstantin Neverov
January 2024
The training programme is very coherent and comprehensive. As the course progresses, the topics complement each other and combine to create a complete picture. The test questions are quite simply worded and comfortable to answer. The format of questions is similar to the questions in the Transport Administration. It was pleasant and interesting to study. Passed the test on the first try! (translated from russian)
Meelis Keiv
Meelis Keiv
May 2023
I used Liiklusab when studying for category A. The studies were very positive. All questions have simple explanations in human language. There is no question as to why this or that rule is written in such a way. Mistakes came only when I didn't read the question to the end. I recommend 👍
Vjatšeslav Slavin
Vjatšeslav Slavin
November 2022
I highly recommend, if you pass all the tests in a way that all the answers are correct, you can easily pass the state exam. I practised it myself, and I can say that it is the best choice for the state exam. (translated from estonian)