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Liikluslab is a family business. We have developed materials for learner drivers for over 25 years. Today our team consists of 10 people.
Liikluslabi meeskond
Vladimir Ess
Vladimir Ess
Management Board Member
Vladimir prepared one of the first traffic tests in the Republic of Estonia in 1993. Subsequently, he authored books that many present-day drivers have used for studying.

Juri Ess
Dr. Juri Ess
CEO, Management Board Member
Juri wrote an innovative textbook in 2017–2019 with the title 'Traffic Rules in Simple Terms' and compiled questions for the Estonian Transport Administration that are still used in theory tests.
Dmitri Ess
Dmitri Ess
COO, Management Board Member
In 2017–2019, Dmitri developed an online learning platform which is now used by Liikluslab.

Aleksander Ess
Aleksandr Ess
At the beginning of the 1960s, Aleksandr became the headmaster and teacher of the first driving school in Estonia, where he continued to work for over three decades.

History of Liikluslab

Our first theory tests


‘Ristmike ületamise aabits’ (‘Crossroad Primer’) – the first textbook to feature diagrams of the roundabouts in Tallin


‘Liiklusreeglid algajatele juhtidele’ (‘Traffic Rules for Young Drivers’)


Our first curricula for driving schools and trainings for driving instructors.


A parking tutorial video which has been viewed over 39 million times on YouTube.


Online textbooks ‘Theory Test Training’ and ‘Traffic Rules in Simple Terms’


E-learning course for category B


Updated version of the parking tutorial video, adapted to Estonian traffic conditions


Online textbook ‘Theory in Simple Terms’


E-learning courses for categories C and CE


E-learning course for category A


Virtual driving exams


E-learning courses for categories AM, A1, A2 and BE


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