Follow-up training (järelkoolitus)

Follow-up training is not the same as continued training. Follow-up training is meant for the holders of a provisional driving licence whose right to drive has been withdrawn. This is an obligatory precondition for restoring a provisional driving licence. In addition to a retraining, you must also pass both of the tests (theory and driving) of the Transport Administration.

The purpose of retraining is shaping the behaviour of the driver through counselling to be compliant on the road. During the retraining, the self-regulation skills of the driver are improved, personal risk factors are assessed, various conflict situations are simulated, the responsibility of the driver for their behaviour in traffic is enforced, and the driver is educated on safe driving.

Follow-up training lasts for at least 16 academic hours in total and costs about 250 euros. Follow-up trainings are conducted by psychologists with special training. A person participating in retraining must take note that if they have not participated in all the lectures of the training or they have refused to complete any of the tasks of the training, they are considered to have failed the retraining.

The list of driving schools that provide retraining is available here.

Once the training is completed, the instructor forwards the details of the training electronically to the Transport Administration within three working days.