Continued training (jätkuõpe), i.e. further training after failing the tests

While you can take the state theory test an infinite number of times, specific rules apply to driving tests. After every third failed attempt to pass a driving test of the Transport Administration, you must return to a driving school and complete continued training.

The objective of continued training is to evaluate deficiencies in your knowledge and skills and prepare you for the next test so that you would pass it successfully. You must submit the reports of the last three tests to the driving school (they are located in the mail box of the e-service of the Transport Administration). Based on these, your instructor will decide the content and workload of the continued training. The minimum number of lessons of continued training is two, but based on the deficiencies exhibited at the driving tests, the number of necessary lessons could be significantly higher. Your driving instructor will decide this.

You can schedule the next driving test once you have passed your continued training and the driving school submits a confirmation to the Transport Administration. Before that, the e-service of the Transport Administration will not let you schedule a test.

You do not have to complete a continued training course at the same driving school where you completed the initial training. For example, if you have moved to another city or simply do not wish to return to the same driving school, you can select a different school. A list of driving schools based on cities can be seen on the portal If you would like to study at Liikluslab, choose our partner driving school.