Further training (or acquiring a next category)

Further training means that you already hold a driving licence for some category and would like to drive a vehicle of another category – for example, you hold a category B driving licence and are learning to drive a motorcycle (category A) or a lorry (category C).

An advantage of further training is that you are already familiar with some of the curriculum of the driving school (such as traffic rules), and therefore, the workload is somewhat smaller. If you start another driving course within five years from being granted the previous right to drive, the driving school may reduce the workload even more by taking into account (transferring) the overlapping topics that you have already covered.

However, this does not mean that you will have an easier time in practice at the driving school and when taking the tests. Often, it is the opposite – you might have developed bad habits (such as ignoring the yellow traffic signal) which are hard to beat. Another common problem is failing to keep up to date with the amendments to the Road Traffic Act. This is usually discovered when taking a traffic theory test because people answer according to the ‘old’ rules. Therefore, you should be serious about the studies because you will have to work hard in any case. You can test the level of your knowledge with the mock tests of Liikluslab.

Current category New category Theory (No. of lessons) Practice (No. of lessons)
B, C, D A, A2, A1 10 10
B BE 3 2
B C, C1 20 10
C, C1 CE, C1E 10 10
BC1, C1 C 5 5
B, C D, D1 40 20
D1 D 5 5
D, D1 DE, D1E 10 10
D-trolleybus D 5 5
C, D B 0 1
B T 25 5