Final stage training

The final stage of the initial training, which is also known as 'winter driving course', must be completed before the provisional driving licence is exchanged for the normal driving licence. It must be completed before your category B provisional driving licence expires. If you don't complete the final stage training, you won't be able to extend your provisional driving licence!

Your driving studies do not end up with graduating from the driving school and receiving the provisional driving licence. After receiving the provisional driving licence begins the so-called final stage of the initial training, or period when you practise driving independently on the road. The final stage of the initial training lasts 23 months. If you own a category B provisional driving licence, then the final stage training is a compulsary part of the final stage of education.


You can start the final stage training right after receiving a provisional driving licence. However, it would make more sense after you have gained some driving experience and are comfortable with driving in complicated conditions (you will not panic if the car begins to slide) and before your first winter as a driver. In any case, you should not postpone the final stage training to the last minute – take the course at least one month before your provisional driving licence expires.

What does the final stage training consist of?

The final stage training consists of four theory lessons and two driving lessons. One theory lesson takes place in a practical format on a slippery driving track; the instructors demonstrate correct driving methods and the behaviour of a vehicle on a slippery road. This theory lesson is followed by a driving lesson on the slippery track.

In addition to the complicated road conditions, the course will also discuss other topics, such as road safety and economical driving style. One lesson will take place in city traffic. Some driving schools allow you to take this lesson with the car you normally drive.

Where can I take the final stage training?

You do not have to complete the final stage training at the same driving school where you initially learned to drive. Many driving schools offer this service and the course costs about 120–150 euros.

The instructor will add an entry on your certificate about having completed the final stage training and forwards this information electronically to the Transport Administration. Based on this, the Transport Administration will replace your provisional driving licence with a regular one that will be valid for ten years. Naturally, the prerequisite is that you have met the requirements for replacing a provisional driving licence.

Important information for replacing a provisional driving licence with a regular one

If the conditions to replace the provisional driving licence have been met, you will be issued a regular driving licence valid for a decade. A holder of a provisional driving licence can apply to replace the licence in the e-service or a service bureau of the Transport Administration . but only a month or less before the provisional driving licence expires. It is important to know that a driving licence must be collected within 12 months – otherwise, the driving licence is revoked.

In the case of a penalty that is still in force, a driving licence is issued under the condition that you have passed a theory test. A violation warranting this could be failure to fasten a seat belt or exceeding the speed limit by up to 20 km/h. The penalty is considered to be valid for 12 months following the complete payment of a fine issued for a violation of traffic rules.

Where a person who holds a provisional driving licence has been penalised by withdrawing the right to drive a motor vehicle (the duration is not important), their right to drive a motor vehicle and the provisional driving licence issued to them are revoked. Violations warranting this could be, for example, driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated or exceeding the speed limit by over 20 km/h. You can attempt to restore your right to drive and apply for a new provisional driving licence after completing retraining (järelkoolitus) and passing theory and driving tests. The calculation of your driving experience begins again after passing the driving test.

You can check your violation in the e-toimik portal. The FAQ section of the Criminal Records Database is available here.