How Big is the Workload at a Driving Course?

Every driving school has its own curriculum in compliance with the law. This means that a school cannot teach you random topics; instead, the training must comply with strict requirements. However, you should remember that the curricula of driving schools can differ a little. For example, the test rules in one school might be stricter than in another.

The number of theory and driving lessons depends on:

  • The category (the larger and more powerful the vehicle, the longer you must practice driving it)
  • Whether you are learning for a provisional driving licence or acquiring a higher category
  • The curriculum of the specific driving school

If you are taking your first driving course for a provisional driving licence, then it is called initial training. If you are acquiring a new category, then this is further training. The advantage of further training is that you already have a lot of the necessary knowledge and skills (such as traffic rules), and the course is therefore shorter. For example:

  • Initial training – when you do not have a driving licence yet and are learning to acquire a driving licence for subcategory A2 (limited power motorcycle), you must take 24 theory lessons.
  • Further training – when you want to acquire the right to drive subcategory A2 vehicles but you already have a category B driving licence, you must take ten theory lessons.

The amount of theory and driving lessons is stated below. These are minimal amounts, which means that the curriculum of a driving school can require more lessons, but not less. As a rule, the curricula of driving schools require the same, or minimum, number of lessons (with very few exceptions). The actual workload could be larger on account of independent learning and additional driving lessons.

Initial training (for your first driving licence)
Category Theory (No. of lessons) Driving (No. of lessons)
AM* 12 12
A1 24 12
A2 24 12
B and B1 28 30
BC1** 40 32
T (maximum mass up to 18 t) 50 10
T (maximum mass over 18 t) 50 10

* The two-wheeled moped driver course. The duration and workload of the four-wheel moped driver course depends on the driving school curriculum.

** You are acquiring categories B and C1 at the same time.

Further training (you are acquiring a next category)
Current category New category Theory (No. of lessons) Practice (No. of lessons)
B, C, D A, A2, A1 10 10
B BE 3 2
B C, C1 20 10
C, C1 CE, C1E 10 10
BC1, C1 C 5 5
B, C D, D1 40 20
D1 D 5 5
D, D1 DE, D1E 10 10
D-trolleybus D 5 5
C, D B 0 1
B T 25 5