How to register for the exam?

Once you have completed the driving course, you must take state exams organised by the Transport Administration. Although the expression ‘ARK’ is commonly and erroneously used, the agency called ARK (Autoregistrikeskus or Motor Vehicle Registration Centre) ceased to exist in 2009.

You must first take the theory test and then the driving test of the Transport Administration.

You can schedule a theory test of the Transport Administration right after the theory test of your driving school, i.e. once you have successfully passed the theory test of the driving school. You can schedule a driving test only after completing the driving course and successfully passing the state theory test.

The easiest way to schedule a test is through the e-service of the Transport Administration. In addition, the Transport Administration has 17 service bureaus all over Estonia, where you can schedule theory and driving tests at the location suitable for you. For example, you can schedule a test in Pärnu, Viljandi, Kärdla, etc., despite being located in Tallinn. However, ask yourself first whether this is reasonable and necessary. Passing a driving test is easier in the same city where you practised driving, even if this city is Tallinn.

In the case of a driving test, you should take into consideration that you can only take a test for category B vehicles (passenger cars) with the vehicles of the Transport Administration. For other categories, the vehicles of the driving school are used and you must schedule a driving test through your driving school

Please note! Theory tests and category B driving tests can be taken in all service bureaus of the Transport Administration, but there are some special conditions that apply to the driving tests of other categories, which are explained on the homepage of the Transport Administration.

A state fee must be paid to the Transport Administration for issuing a driving licence and for the tests. The amount depends on the category and whether the test is taken in a vehicle belonging to the Transport Administration or a driving school.

Scheduling through the e-service means that the state fee will be lower. For example, if you are applying for a category B driving licence at the service bureau, it will cost 113 euros, and through the online service, the fee is 103 euros. The state fee for repeat tests (incl. theory tests) is the same. More details on state fees are available here.

You can take a theory test in Estonian, English, and Russian; however, the driving test can only be conducted in Estonian. Although there are many instances of a driving test being conducted in Russian or English, you should not expect the examiner to be able to speak these languages and to agree to conduct the test in a foreign language.

If the examinee does not speak these languages, they can use the services of an impartial interpreter (incl. a sign language interpreter). In this case, the examinee must find the interpreter and pay for their services independently. The interpreter is not required to have a respective degree, but they must be able to speak the language fluently enough to help interpret traffic-related concepts. A good way to check the skills of an interpreter is to ask them to interpret a mock test of Liikluslab and the questions that the examiner asks at the start of the driving test.

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