Who is issued a driving licence in Estonia?

The right to drive (i.e. a driving licence) is issued to someone:

  • whose permanent place of residence is in Estonia;
  • who is old enough;
  • who has a valid medical certificate;
  • who has completed a driving course and passed the tests of the Transport Administration.

Please note that in order to receive a driving licence in Estonia, you must attend a driving school. You cannot complete the training as an external student (learn completely independently). Every county in Estonia has a number of driving schools to choose from and find the one that you like. Most driving schools in Estonia use the Liikluslab learning environment for studying and conducting exams. If you would like to study at Liikluslab, choose a driving school among our partners.

The data of the population register proves the place of permanent residence. The lower limits for the age of the driver depend on the category of the vehicle.

Minimum Age

  • AM
    - Moped
    14 years
  • A1
    - Motorcycle (up to 11 kW)
    16 years
  • A2
    - Motorcycle (up to 35 kW)
    18 years
  • A
    - Three-wheel motorcycle (trike; over 15 kW)
    21 years
  • A
    - Motorcycle
    24 years*
  • B
    - Car
    18 years
  • C
    - Lorry
    21 years
  • C1
    - Lorry (up to 7500 kg)
    18 years
  • D
    - Bus
    24 years
  • D1
    - Bus up to 16 passengers
    21 years

*20 years, if you already have a driving licence for category A2 for at least two years

There is another important requirement for receiving a driving licence – you cannot have a penalty in force for a traffic violation. The penalty is considered valid for 12 months following the complete payment of a fine issued for a violation of traffic rules. For example, if the police has issued someone a fine for driving a car without the right to drive, that person can take the tests of the Transport Administration a year after paying the fine.