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Category B in English
Liikluslab has a licence issued by the Ministry of Education and Research to conduct driver education in the following categories: AM, A1, A2, A, B, BE, C, CE, D

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Driving Theory Test Questions

Theory Test Training

From the authors of the state theory test
  • Learn what will be part of the test! Smile
  • Complete practice theory tests according to the rules of the Estonian Transport Administration
  • Read explanations instead of mindlessly memorising the answers
  • Save time and money, pass the test on the first try
Driving Theory

Theory in Simple Terms

All the necessary info in simple terms

Knowledge of traffic rules will be part of the exam, regardless of the category of vehicle. This is the most difficult part where most mistakes are made.

But Liikluslab is here to help – just imagine, we rewrote the law in comprehensible language!


A smart learning environment

Our learning environment is very smart and uses artificial intelligence to assess your knowledge and show you the probability of passing the driving theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration.

In addition, Liikluslab will pick the questions that are likely to slip you up.

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Vjatšeslav Slavin
Vjatšeslav Slavin
November 2022
I highly recommend, if you pass all the tests in a way that all the answers are correct, you can easily pass the state exam. I practised it myself, and I can say that it is the best choice for the state exam. (translated from estonian)
Piia Razduvalov
Piia Razduvalov
November 2022
Really good thing 👍 can explain everything clearly even to a fool 😂 (translated from estonian)
Jaanika Karus
Jaanika Karus
December 2021
Yes, Liikluslab is really the best. If you understand it, you will pass the exam easily 👌 Thanks to Liikluslab it was really easy. At first as all others I probably doubted if it’s worth the money. But I should admit that it’s worth it 👌 (translated from estonian)

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