Tests and practice exams are written by the authors of the Estonian Transport Administration exam questions
The Liikluslab “Smart Tests” were written by the same authors who wrote the questions for the national theory exam. Our test questions are available only in Liikluslab and nowhere else. To practice, you can solve sample exams according to the same rules as the Estonian Transport Administration (formerly ARK).
Liikluslab adapts to your needs
Our study environment will assess your knowledge and show you how likely you are to pass your theory exam. Liikluslab will also pick up test questions where you might make a mistake.
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There are no long and complicated legal texts. Only up-to-date and correct training materials that are written in simple and comprehensible language. Only in Liikluslab you will get all the required knowledge in full and easily pass the theory exam on the first try.
92% of students choose us
Relearning is always complicated. In order not to lose time and money, learn and prepare for exams using the best study materials in Estonia! You will find these materials in Liikluslab.
Viktoria Popova
Viktoria Popova
December 2021
I personally passed theory at driving school at 2017. This summer I just passed all the test questions in liikluslab and then mock exams. I passed the theory exam on the first try 🙂 (translated from estonian)
Jana Sommer
Jana Sommer
December 2021
If you understand everything in Liikluslab, then you will easily pass the exam at Transport Administration 🙂 (translated from estonian)
Jaanika Karus
Jaanika Karus
December 2021
Yes, Liikluslab is really the best. If you understand it, you will pass the exam easily 👌 Thanks to Liikluslab it was really easy. At first as all others I probably doubted if it's worth the money. But I should admit that it's worth it 👌 (translated from estonian)
Maria Odintseva
Maria Odintseva
December 2021
I just came from the exam. I passed it quite quickly without mistakes. Questions are very similar to liikluslab. (translated from estonian)
Thimo Miil
Thimo Miil
September 2021
Thanks to Liikluslab I passed B, C and CE exams on the first try. It's very easily and convenient to use. Just today I passed the exam, 0 mistakes! Yesterday evening and this morning I was only solving liikluslab mock exams, and it was enough. (translated from estonian)
Maibrit Hillar
Maibrit Hillar
September 2021
To my opinion "Mock state exam" in Liikluslab is quite enough (translated from estonian)
Eliis Koit
Eliis Koit
June 2021
Liikluslab, I thought for some time that I don't need it, I just bought tests subscription 10 hours before the exam... most questions were there, it's really mega super convenient. Not only it instantly tells you if the answer was correct or not, it also shortly explains the answer and other possible answers, which makes topics really easy to understand 🙂 (translated from estonian)
Helena Zupping
Helena Zupping
September 2020
I recommend Liikluslab with both hands 🙂. I personally studied only using it and I passed the school exam in it. Questions were logical, and I really liked that it case of a wrong answer it gave an explanation. It's one of the best educational apps 🙂 (translated from estonian)
Nutikad liiklustestid

Theory Test Training

From the authors of the state driving theory test questions *

Study topics you will get on the state test!

Theory Test Training is the best way to prepare for the theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration.

  • Test questions for category B
  • Read the explanations instead of memorising the answers
  • Answer questions according to topics

The mock exam of Liikluslab helps to check readiness for the state exam – exactly same rules, questions in a similar style. This mock exam is available only in the online environment of Liikluslab!

Our smart algorithm enables tackling only complicated questions or the ones where you have made a mistake.

Imagine the time and energy that Theory Test Training helps to save and the anxiety they help to alleviate!

Clarification: Estonian Transport Administration is the former Estonian Road Administration (or, as it used to be known in Estonian, ARK). The theory exam is taken at an office of the Estonian Transport Administration.

* Liikluslab specialists created driving theory test questions for the Estonian Road Administration under the contract 1-12/19/0002-1 in 2019.

Start taking tests for free Additional information

Estonian Transport Administration changed the questions of the theory test in 2019. Liikluslab was the one to compile the new questions. When developing Theory Test Training, we followed the principle of studying for the questions you will get.

Theory Test Training helps to internalise what you have learned and prepare for the theory test quickly. This study material is one of a kind.

1. You can answer questions according to topics. For example, when learning about traffic lights, you can answer questions only about traffic lights. You must be surprised that this is possible exclusively with Liikluslab’s Theory Test Training.

2. Every question includes a simple and clear explanation with illustrations and real-life examples. If you make a mistake, then read the explanation and you will be able to answer correctly next time. Do you know what this means? You do not have to learn answers by heart!

3. Our smart algorithm for preparing for the exam offers only topics and questions where you have shown uncertainty. This means that you do not have to answer the same questions several times or waste time on topics that you already fully grasp.

Theory in Simple Terms

Theory in Simple Terms

A completely new and very efficient way of preparing for the theory exam

We created a textbook "Traffic Rules in Simple Terms" in 2019. Just imagine – we rewrote the law in terms that make sense to regular people and added illustrations and explanations!

Now we created a new version of the textbook "Theory in Simple Terms". We added topics that are tested during the state theory exam, but are not related to the traffic rules:

  • Traffic Rules
  • Safety
  • Driving psychology
  • Car insurance
  • Components and technical condition of the car
  • Other topics

Everything a driver needs to know can be found in one place in clear and simple language! This material will help to easily pass the theory exam on the first try.

Only few years ago, students needed to delve into the complex sections of the Traffic Act to graduate from driving school, but now, studying traffic rules is fun!

Think about the time you will save when studying!

Start reading the textbook for free Additional information

A textbook of this level is unique not only in Estonia, but in most European countries. All legislative acts that a driver must know can be found in the same place, expressed in simple language. You do not have to delve into complicated sections written in dry legalese.

The Estonian Traffic Act is amended several times a year and a hard copy of a textbook would become obsolete quickly. The advantage of our online textbook is that the content is always up to date and complies with the current legislation.

Due to numerous requests from students and driving schools, the educational material now contains other topics that are not related to legislation. Among them are safety and driving psychology, components of the car and it's technical requirements. The additional study material made the preparation for the exam even easier. In addition, it contains topics that are tested on the state exam.

Онлайн обучение от Liikluslab

Liikluslab online driving school

Online education is the most convenient and secure way to take a driving school theory course today. Learn at any time and any place - at home, at work or on the bus!

Liikluslab "Online driving school" course will lay it all out for you.

  • Excellent preparation for the exams and driving
  • All necessary study materials, including "Theory Test Training"
  • All the features of the Liikluslab's online environment - mock exams, smart learning algorithm, etc.

The "Online driving school" course will explain the traffic rules in simple terms. Specially filmed video clips will show difficult traffic situations through the eyes of the driver. Animations will explain how various systems of the car (such as the clutch) work. Theory Test Training will help to easily pass the theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration on the first try. The course will also introduce you to the exam vehicle in detail and will allow you to feel confident on the driving test.

Education is interactive, that is, you are not left to yourself. If necessary, you can use special hints and explanations or ask a question to the teacher.

At the moment we provide the "Online driving school" course in English for the category B only. Courses for categories C, CE and winter driving are available in Estonian and Russian. The service is provided through the mediation of a driving school.

Ask for the Liikluslab online course at your driving school!

Are you choosing a driving school? Then the online course is one of the most important criteria. If the result is important, then learn the theory at Liikluslab. Our students pass their exams on the first try!

To clarify, today the ARK exam is actually an exam at the Estonian Transport Administration. Historical background: in 1998–2009 exams were administered by ARK, in 2009–2020 by the Department of Highways. Starting from 2021, the driving license exams are administered by the Estonian Transport Administration.

Education license

Education license

Liikluslab online driving school has been verified and officially registered by the Estonian Transport Administration as the e-learning platform for categories B, C, CE.

Liikluslab has activity permit number 156 from 02.07.2020, issued by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Authors of educational materials

Juri Ess

Dr. Juri Ess

PhD (TalTech)

Higher education: driver teaching (TKTK), transport planning (TalTech), automotive technology (TKTK)

Work experience:

  • Road safety research and audits
  • Driving school teacher training (TalTech, TKTK, EMÜ)
  • Author of educational materials
  • Drawing up curricula and consulting driving schools
  • Theory and driving teacher
Vladimir Ess

Vladimir Ess

Work experience:

  • Driving theory teacher (20 years of experience)
  • Creating driving theory test questions and educational materials (15 years of experience)
  • Preparing of educational documentation and consulting driving schools

Fundamentals of Liikluslab quality assurance for the organization of study and activities

Liikluslab operates on the basis of a license issued by the Ministry of Education and Research and offers its online environment to the driving schools to carry out the theory course of initial and final stages for category B, and the theory course for categories C, CE. Liikluslab's online learning platform has been verified and officially registered by the Estonian Transport Administration. Liikluslab online courses can be taken in Estonian and Russian. The theory course of initial stage for category B is available in English as well.

The driving school oversees students who are taking the online course - registers them for the learning course, answers questions asked through the online learning platform, conducts contact lessons and the theory exam, issues documents. These processes are regulated by the internal regulations of the driving school. The fundamentals of the quality assurance for the organization of study and activities of the driving school, as well as the curriculum can be found on the website of the driving school.

When a driving school gives student access to the online environment, the student receives an e-mail from Liikluslab, through which s/he enters the online environment, creates a user account and starts learning. The category B online course of initial stage contains 17 chapters, online course of final stage contains 4 chapters, the category C online course contains 16 chapters, the category CE online course contains 16 chapters. Chapters must be completed successively - student will not be able to start the next chapter until s/he has completed the previous one. The student can go back to previous chapters. In each chapter (except "Introduction"), the student must answer test questions and pass the chapter quiz on their basis. The rules of the chapter quiz depend on the number of test questions in the chapter. In large chapters the chapter quiz consists of 30 questions, in medium chapters of 20 questions, and in small chapters of 10 questions. The number of incorrectly answered questions cannot exceed 10%. If during the learning process the student has questions, s/he can ask them to the teacher using the "Ask a question" function of the online environment. The teacher will answer the question as soon as possible. The category B online course also includes contact lessons - the initial stage includes 6 contact lessons, the final stage includes 1 contact lesson. Contact lessons are conducted by the driving school. At the end of the course, there is a school theory exam, the rules of which are set by the driving school. The rules for the exam can be found in the curriculum of the driving school.

The online course is limited in time. Access to the course of initial stage for category B and courses for categories C, CE are open for 90 days, access to the final stage course is open for 7 days. If the student wants to extend access to the online course, then s/he can do it online in the "Payment" section.

Liikluslab guarantees and ensures the high quality of educational materials, their compliance with current legislation, as well as the correct operation of the online environment. The competence of specialists working in Liikluslab is described above. The rights and obligations of students and Liikluslab are described in the Terms of Use of Liikluslab. The student can read the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and the Terms of Sale at liikluslab.ee.

Additional information

The theory course at the driving school can be taken in class or online. In the first case, the category B course usually lasts 8 weeks and lectures are held in the evenings on working days.

In case of the online course, the student goes through the materials on his/her own. Liikluslab offers a high quality course "Online driving school", which contains all the necessary study materials and the theory test questions. Topics are studied successively, starting with the simple ones and ending with the more complex ones.

Each topic is divided into small parts, which makes learning easier. At the end of each chapter there are test questions that will help you consolidate your knowledge and at the same time prepare you for the theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration (formerly ARK). At the end of each chapter, you will need to pass a chapter quiz.

The "Online driving school" course uses materials in different formats - text, pictures, videos and animations. You will also be able to use all the features of Liikluslab, such as solving test questions in "smart order" and taking up to 50 mock exams.

By the end of the "Online driving school" course you will have all the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the exams at the driving school and the Estonian Transport Administration.

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