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Theory Test Training

From the authors of the state driving theory test questions *

Study topics you will get on the state test!

Theory Test Training is the best way to prepare for the theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration.

  • Test questions for category B
  • Read the explanations instead of memorising the answers
  • Answer questions according to topics

The mock exam of Liikluslab helps to check readiness for the state exam – exactly same rules, questions in a similar style. This mock exam is available only in the online environment of Liikluslab!

Our smart algorithm enables tackling only complicated questions or the ones where you have made a mistake.

Imagine the time and energy that Theory Test Training helps to save and the anxiety they help to alleviate!

Clarification: Estonian Transport Administration is the former Estonian Road Administration (or, as it used to be known in Estonian, ARK). The theory exam is taken at an office of the Estonian Transport Administration.

* Liikluslab specialists created driving theory test questions for the Estonian Road Administration under the contract 1-12/19/0002-1 in 2019.

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Estonian Transport Administration changed the questions of the theory test in 2019. Liikluslab was the one to compile the new questions. When developing Theory Test Training, we followed the principle of studying for the questions you will get.

Theory Test Training helps to internalise what you have learned and prepare for the theory test quickly. This study material is one of a kind.

1. You can answer questions according to topics. For example, when learning about traffic lights, you can answer questions only about traffic lights. You must be surprised that this is possible exclusively with Liikluslab’s Theory Test Training.

2. Every question includes a simple and clear explanation with illustrations and real-life examples. If you make a mistake, then read the explanation and you will be able to answer correctly next time. Do you know what this means? You do not have to learn answers by heart!

3. Our smart algorithm for preparing for the exam offers only topics and questions where you have shown uncertainty. This means that you do not have to answer the same questions several times or waste time on topics that you already fully grasp.

Theory in Simple Terms

Theory in Simple Terms

A completely new and very efficient way of preparing for the theory exam

We created a textbook "Traffic Rules in Simple Terms" in 2019. Just imagine – we rewrote the law in terms that make sense to regular people and added illustrations and explanations!

Now we created a new version of the textbook "Theory in Simple Terms". We added topics that are tested during the state theory exam, but are not related to the traffic rules:

  • Traffic Rules
  • Safety
  • Driving psychology
  • Car insurance
  • Components and technical condition of the car
  • Other topics

Everything a driver needs to know can be found in one place in clear and simple language! This material will help to easily pass the theory exam on the first try.

Only few years ago, students needed to delve into the complex sections of the Traffic Act to graduate from driving school, but now, studying traffic rules is fun!

Think about the time you will save when studying!

Start reading the textbook for free Additional information

A textbook of this level is unique not only in Estonia, but in most European countries. All legislative acts that a driver must know can be found in the same place, expressed in simple language. You do not have to delve into complicated sections written in dry legalese.

The Estonian Traffic Act is amended several times a year and a hard copy of a textbook would become obsolete quickly. The advantage of our online textbook is that the content is always up to date and complies with the current legislation.

Due to numerous requests from students and driving schools, the educational material now contains other topics that are not related to legislation. Among them are safety and driving psychology, components of the car and it's technical requirements. The additional study material made the preparation for the exam even easier. In addition, it contains topics that are tested on the state exam.