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The Transport Administration outsources test questions via invitations to tender. As of 2024, the test question bank consists of 2000 questions. Although this number seems high, it should be borne in mind that these questions are for 8 categories (AM, A, B, BE, C, CE, D and T).

Most of the test questions were created by Liikluslab specialists who develop our own test questions and other study materials. The 200 questions were developed by the Transport Administration itself, with the help of our top specialist in study materials.

Category B
Other categories

Juri Ess (Liikluslab)

Vitali Nester (Liikluslab)

Other authors

Transport Administration *

Juri Ess (Liikluslab)

Vitali Nester (Liikluslab)

Other authors

Transport Administration *












● Liikluslab 2019
● Liikluslab 2023
● Others

Liikluslab offers the highest quality preparation for the state test

Our team is made up of top-level professionals who not only create our study materials, but also prepare test questions for the state, train driving school teachers and examiners.

Vladimir Ess

Dr. Juri Ess

Liikluslab, CEO
Author of the test questions 2019, 2023
Juri Ess

Vitali Nester

Autosert, teacher
Liikluslab, author
Author of the test questions 2023
Vladimir Ess

Rasmus Ojamets

Liikluslab, top specialist
Specialist in the field of theory examinations at the Transport Administration until 2021*

The questions of the state theory test are confidential and other authors do not know the questions, which were prepared by our specialists. The Transport Administration does not use all the questions at the same time, i.e. a batch of questions is taken from the question bank and then replaced by another batch within a certain period of time, etc. The Transport Administration does not disclose which questions are in use at any given time. The test questions are the property of the Transport Administration, which has the right to make changes to the test questions (e.g. due to a change in legislation or to harmonise the style of different authors). We are up to date with the situation and are constantly updating our study materials to reflect these changes.


The situation with the 2024 test questions is described at the Transport Administration website.

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