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Online learning from Liikluslab replaces the theory course at the driving school

Online driving school
Category B
The course is provided by the driving school
/ 90 days
50 mock exams
Online theory course
Theory test questions

We recommend this package to everyone who wants to be sure to pass the exam on their first attempt.

The package includes the 'Theory Test Training' and the online textbook 'Theory in Simple Terms'. The textbook contains all the topics that are tested on the exam:

All the theory test questions and the textbook are translated using the terms used by the Transport Administration on the state exam.

You can take up to 50 mock exams that follow the rules of either the Transport Administration or your own driving school. A demo version is available in the online learning environment of Liikluslab. A more detailed description of the study materials can be found here.

If you run out of mock exam attempts, you can purchase another 30 attempts for €9.95. The mock exams that you purchase can only be taken during the validity of the package.

The theory course at the driving school can be taken in class or online. In the first case, the category B course usually lasts 8 weeks and lectures are held in the evenings on working days.

In case of the online course, the student goes through the materials on his/her own. Liikluslab offers a high quality course "Online driving school", which contains all the necessary study materials and the theory test questions. Topics are studied successively, starting with the simple ones and ending with the more complex ones.

Each topic is divided into small parts, which makes learning easier. At the end of each chapter there are test questions that will help you consolidate your knowledge and at the same time prepare you for the theory exam at the Estonian Transport Administration (formerly ARK). At the end of each chapter, you will need to pass a chapter quiz.

The "Online driving school" course uses materials in different formats - text, pictures, videos and animations. You will also be able to use all the features of Liikluslab, such as solving test questions in "smart order" and taking up to 50 mock exams.

By the end of the "Online driving school" course you will have all the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the exams at the driving school and the Estonian Transport Administration.

If necessary, you can extend the online course, but this is not included in the cost of the course at the driving school. Course extension prices: